Skin care

Skin care
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M-TAC, Mueller Pretaping-Spray, 237 ml

M Tac from Mueller helps tape and pre-wrap to stick better to skin. The sprayer pumps a fine mi..

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Devil's Claw Gel, 250 ml

The gel refreshes the skin, supports the blood circulation and prepares a pleasant skin feel. The De..

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Bear balm gel, 100ml

The bear balm is particularly suited to care for your skin. Valuable extracts of camphor, ..

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Horse gel hot, 250ml

Beneficial for the musculoskeletal system, stimulates the muscles with a warming activation.Gent..

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Horse balm, 250ml

For back, muscles and legs. With camphor oil, horse chestnut extract and jojoba oil. Without color a..

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PC 30® V, 100 ml

The oil-free solution for pressure problems on the skin, particularly suited for pressure ulcer prev..

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Horse balm with 10 herbs, 250ml

The Alwag balm has a particularly valuable composition with peppermint, devil's claw, horse chestnut..

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Marmot oil cream, 250ml

The product contains Marmot oil, mountain pine oil, camphor and menthol. This old remedy is soothing..

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Shiunko cream, Japan, 5g

Moxa paste for the rice grain techniqueThe so-called Shiunko paste in the original recipe is not..

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Tiger grass herb creme, 250 ml

Day cream for sensitive skin. The extracts of "Centella asiatica" (tiger grass), a subtropical plant..

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Arnica cream, 250ml

With arnica oil and jojoba oil. For sensitive skin from 40. Gives softness and care.  ..

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Arnica herb balm, 250ml

With arnica oil, camphor oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, hypericum oil and carotene. Natural.Be..

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Calendula Cream, 250ml

The Calendula cream is a well known home remedy for the skin care of hands, face and body. Makes dry..

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Horse Chestnut Vine Leaf Care Gel, 250ml

This skin care products is especially suited for legs and veins because of the beneficial prope..

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Fu Zhi Qing Ruan Gao, 15g

Use: Skin hemorrhoid clearing ointment for external use. After washing, apply the oint..

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