About Us

Since inception, asia-med GmbH has continued to be the number one source for medical supplies in the area of natural halting. Meeting customer expectations is what we do best. Our well-stocked webshop is committed to providing all your needs. We have more than 1000 products for acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage treatments, and sports medicine. The health and safety of your patients is our primary concern. As a result, quality is high on our list of priorities, hence most of our products are CE certified. We only deal with reputable brands that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Whether you are a physiotherapist, massage specialist, or a doctor who offers natural alternative Chinese treatments, we provide a wide variety of affordable medical supplies to cater to your needs. Our diversified products are as follows.


Acupuncture Accessories:  We are aware that there are various acupuncture treatment techniques. As a result, we provide acupuncture supplies for auriculotherapy as well as ear, hand, body, detox and cosmetic acupuncture. When it comes to needles, we provide buyers with products from top quality manufactures such as Asiamed, Tewa and Seirin, to name a few. In addition to acupuncture needles, we are your one-stop acupuncture shop for point finders as well as acupuncture laser and electro acupuncture devices.

Medical Supplies for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Over the years, our range of products has expanded, and now we offer treatment supplies for traditional Chinese treatments. These include moxibustion supplies such as; moxa sticks and cones, moxa punk and adhesive moxa; as well as cupping sets and other Chinese cupping supplies.

Physiotherapy Supplies:  We are suppliers of choice when it comes to Kinesiology tapes and sports tapes. Clients in need of these physiotherapy supplies get to choose from big brand names such as Asiamed, Mueller, Sarasa, Ares, and Kinseo.


We ship products across all EU countries and a few selected locations globally. Our dedicated customer service attendants cater to each client on a personal level. Placing orders from our Webshop is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience with the help of our courteous staff. The customer service team has knowledgeable experts when it comes to acupuncture equipment and natural healing supplies. Therefore, any questions you have about our products will be answered. Timely delivery of packages is of utmost importance, thus we ensure to ship orders promptly so that you can get your products in time. With our level of service, we want not only to meet but also to exceed your expectations.

We are actively involved in various fieldwork studies related to natural healing treatments. Our aim is to stay updated with the current trends in alternative medicine so that we can provide the latest medical supplies to our buyers. Make asia-med GmbH your supplier of choice for all your acupuncture, physiotherapy, and massage supplies and choose from a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.