Kits for acupuncture courses

Kits for acupuncture courses
Kits for acupuncture courses
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Acupuncture Starter Kit

This Acupuncture Starter Kit includes:1 box TeWa needles PJ 1630 (0,16x30 mm), coated, plastic h..

109.36€ 82.02€ Ex Tax: 68.93€

UK Acupuncture Starter Kit with guide tubes

UK Acupuncture Starter Kit, acupuncture needles with guide tubeThis Starter UK Acupuncture Kit c..

91.93€ Ex Tax: 77.25€

Auriculotherapy Starter Kit

25% Savings on Auriculotherapy Starter KitThis starter kits includes the following products:..

91.36€ Ex Tax: 76.77€

Moxa Starter Kit

The moxa trial kit comprises the following articles: 1x Smoke-free Moxa Rolls, Hoist/Huasun, 12..

87.93€ Ex Tax: 73.89€

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