Hand Needles

Hand Needles

Acupuncture is an age-old form of alternative medicine that aims at restoring harmonization in the body to initiate natural healing. Over the years, acupuncture supplies have advanced with new equipment being introduced into this form of traditional Chinese therapy. However, acupuncture needles have always been a constant tool since the inception of this holistic therapy. Acupuncture needles are the most fundamental tools in this treatment. This is due to fact that these fine needles stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity, and can be used on their own or alongside other acupuncture supplies. 
Acupuncture needles are placed on various parts of the body commonly referred to as acupoints. One good part of the body that has several acupoints is the hand. Hand acupuncture is actually an alternative medicine applied to heal several ailments. The treatment involves inserting needles on the hand. Special needles known as hand acupuncture needles are used in this particular form of acupuncture. 
What Is Hand Acupuncture?
Traditionally, hand acupuncture was known as ‘SoojiChim’, however, modern therapists refer to it as Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT) or Korean Hand Acupuncture. KHT originated in Korea but it is widely used by people from all around the world. For this therapy to be successful, therapists require the use of high quality needles such as the dong bang or TeWa needles. These particular needles are manufactured in South Korea or China under stringent quality control standards. The manufactures of these needles use surgical stainless steel and automated grinding and polishing processes, which means they are made using high tech equipment without the intervention of human hands. 
How Does The Treatment Work?
There are over 300 acupoints found on the hands. Equipment such as electro stimulation machines and hand acupuncture needles can be used during therapy. KHT patients lie down and extend their arms with their palms facing upwards or downwards. The acupoint to be stimulated depends on the type of ailment the patient is suffering from. Once an acuppoint is stimulated, it allows the body to heal itself naturally. KHT requires needles with a tip that allows for painless insertion.

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