Here we would like to share a short video of Dr. Stephen Birch about Shonishin.

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Maeda Shônishin-Set, Japan, 7 pcs

Made by MAEDA Toyokichi Shoten in Japan, not sterile, re-usable.7-piece set in a meta..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 167.23€

Kanaken Shônishin-Set, Japan, 10 pcs

Made by Kanaken in Japan, not sterile, re-usable.10-piece Shônishin-Set includin..

219.00€ Ex Tax: 184.03€

Yoneyama, copper, China, 1 pc

Japanese style, 1.4 cm long, tapered, beveled. Ccopper tool for scratching or rubbing which is..

9.49€ Ex Tax: 7.97€

Chokishin, China, 1 pc

Chokishin, China, 1 pcA Japanese style large flat surface 1 x 3 cm metal plate for applying scra..

7.99€ Ex Tax: 6.71€

Tsumo shin spring probe with magnet, 13 cm

Spring activated cutaneous probe for treating or locating trigger points, acu-points or ear po..

27.49€ Ex Tax: 23.10€

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