Himalaya singing bowls

Himalaya singing bowls

This good quality singing bowl is suitable for the use at the kindergarten and at school, but also for private use and in sound massage. It has approximately the same vibration and frequency in comparison to a Peter Hess® therapy singing bowl. 

The delivery time for the Himalayan singing bowls is 2 weeks.

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HIMALAYA head bowl, ø 14cm, 250g, 1 pc

This thinwalled Himalaya singing bowl weighs about 250 to 300 g and has a diameter of abou..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.82€

HIMALAYA joint/universal singing bowl, ø 21cm, 900g, 1 pc

This Himalya joint bowl or universal singing bowl weighs about 900-1000 grams and is thin-..

129.00€ Ex Tax: 108.40€

HIMALAYA large heart bowl, ø 21cm, 1300g, 1 pc

The large Himalaya head bowl weighs about 1300 grams. The diameter is ablut 21-22 cm and t..

175.00€ Ex Tax: 147.06€

HIMALAYA large pelvis singing bowl, ø 29cm, 2000g, 1 pc

The large pelvis bowl weighs about 2000g. The bowl has a diameter of about 28,5 cm and a h..

259.00€ Ex Tax: 217.65€

HIMALAYA small heart bowl, ø 16cm, 600g, 1 pc

The small Himalaya heart bowl weighs about 600-650 grams. Thee diameter is about16 cm and ..

89.00€ Ex Tax: 74.79€

HIMALAYA small pelvis singing bowl, ø 26cm, 1500g, 1 pc

The small Hamalaya pelvis bowl weighs about 1500 grams. The diameter is about 25,5 cm and ..

119.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€