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New French and English book "THE MYSTERIES OF THE EAR - Secrets of Wellness" by Dr. Nadia Volf.

24.5 x 29 cm / 220 pages / 30 illustrations / cardboard binder / ISBN: 9781614284642 / $ 35 - € 22 - £ 25 in April 2016, ASSOULINE / SPRING 2016

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Since time immemorial, the pinna has always been considered an area of ​​the body a little "magic". Some specific points of this building have a double function: they inform on the state of the bodies to which they correspond by acting as a remote control, and allow to change the settings in case of malfunction. Thus, ancient legends report alleged miraculous cures (so inexplicable) obtained following targeted action on "auricular points" (as the now-do you call), validated by recent scientific discoveries. According to them, the pinna is in fact connected to the entire nervous system, just as a dashboard.


Photo: Rebalancing the functioning of all organs of the body through the ear, a true dashboard.


The famous European acupuncturist Nadia Volf brings us the secrets of her art through a specialist presentation of her knowledge of auriculotherapy. Nadia Volf is MD, PhD, associate professor of neuropharmacology and strong acupuncture expert with thirty-five years of experience. The purpose of her life and her acupuncture practice is to combine modern science with ancient wisdom, and to give people knowledge about health and longevity. This new book aims to reveal the extraordinary powers of auricular points and learn to relieve themselves face daily pain.


Dr. Nadia Volf is the founder and head teacher of scientific acupuncture IUD at the Faculty of Medicine Paris-Sud XI. Member of the Scientific Association of acupuncturists of France and of the French school of acupuncture, as well as the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA), Nadia Volf is a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School, the University George Washington, and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. She is the author of several books (including Food & Life: Taste & Life published in 2014 with the great chef Joël Robuchon Assouline editions), as well as numerous articles published in various scientific journals.


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