Paris 2018: Master Class Dr Nadia Volf

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Master Class 1 - 23 & 24 November 2018 - "Emotions"

Emotions act not only psychologically but also physiologically. Acupuncture allows us to apprehend the psychosomatic and also somatopsychic approach, when the weaknesses of an internal organ weaken the emotional resistance. Causal auricular diagnosis offers us a very pragmatic and extraordinarily effective approach to the management of emotional imbalances. The choice of the right therapeutic protocol makes it possible to re-balance the neuro-hormones in the central nervous system and thus increase the resistance to the emotional reactions. We will study the global therapeutic approach of the effects of the main emotions, in particular their impact in the development of diseases. How to consider them in treatment, how to help transform them positively in the healing process. This approach will be implemented and demonstrated on various patient cases throughout the weekend.

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