Smoke-free moxa stick, Hoist, 12x1.5 cm, 5 pcs

Smoke-free moxa stick, Hoist, 12x1.5 cm, 5 pcs Moxa Stick

Individually wrapped smoke free moxa sticks. Made by Huasun in China. 5 pcs per box.

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  • Brand: Huasun
  • Product Code: A000293
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 5.49€
  • Ex Tax: 4.61€
  • 10 or more 4.49€
  • 25 or more 3.99€
  • 50 or more 3.49€

Tags: smoke-free moxa, moxa stick, smokeless, Hoist, standard size moxa roll, moxibustion

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