This is just an example of the work of Dr. Lerner who put her works on display in galleries and museums throughout the world.

Dr. Melanie Lerner is an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine who has been in private practice since 1978. In the medical field she is a lecturer, teacher, researcher, and offers service work throughout the world.
As an artist, she has been active since 1992 with the creation of her art form called Acuart. Her unique body of work attempts to portray, through each distinct piece, a visual expression for various acupuncture points found on the body. The use of needles in each sheet of wonderfully textured hand made paper further carries this theme. Furthermore, every piece is named for a specific acupuncture point and on the back of each frame are explanations of the associated location, indications and traditional medical functions for that point. Each singular piece offers the viewer a possible theme or concept for healing, particularly through art.
Dr. Lerner's Acuart is shown worldwide in galleries, juried shows, museum exhibitions, and retail stores. She has won multiple awards and has been honored with many one-woman shows.
Dr. Lerner accepts commissioned pieces to which she gives great value and care in their execution.

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Acuart work 1

size including frame: 20cm x 20cmThe artwork is protected by a glass plate in the frame. ..

499.00€ Ex Tax: 419.33€

Acuart work 2

size including frame: 35 cm x 43 cmThe artwork is protected by a glass plate in the frame. ..

899.00€ Ex Tax: 755.46€