TDP Lamps

TDP Lamps

TDP lamps are a modern alternative to moxa sticks and cones. These biothermic devices emit heat in order to complement the stimulation effect of acupuncture needles. The great thing about these modern heat stimulation gadgets is that they produce no smoke, as is the case with burning moxa. What’s more, it is easier to regulate heat and avoid burns by using modern biothermic device during acupuncture therapy.

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TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head

Delivery to Switzerland & Norway: 50€ extra cost in more due to heavy package. TDP-..

279.00€ Ex Tax: 234.45€

TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, double head

TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, ChinaThe TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp combines Western..

419.00€ Ex Tax: 352.10€

Zhoulin WS-601 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device, 1 pc

It operates over a wide range since the entire inner surface is emitting biospectrum waves. Thu..

1,990.00€ Ex Tax: 1,672.27€

Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device

Specifications- power: 230 V ~, 50 Hz, 160 W- service time life of gener..

1,099.00€ Ex Tax: 923.53€

Zhoulin WS-101 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device

The Zhou Lin Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices are physiotherapeutic apparatuses of electromagnetic irr..

1,049.00€ Ex Tax: 881.51€

Infrared-Moxa-Device M3, Silberbauer

Moxa therapy without odours!For treatment of Acupuncture Points and Points of Pain.The Infra..

949.00€ Ex Tax: 797.48€

GB-3 Electric Moxa IR Heat Device

Delivery to Switzerland & Norway: 50€ extra cost due to heavy package.This electrical IR hea..

549.00€ Ex Tax: 461.34€

PREMIO 10 infrared moxa device, Sedatelec

Heat is locally applied using infrared radiation with a 'moxa-like' spectrum. Thereby the sensations..

999.00€ Ex Tax: 839.50€

Mineral plate for TDP-minerals infrared lamp, 16.6cm

Mineral plate for the TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, coated with 33 minerals.Size ca. 16,6..

49.00€ Ex Tax: 41.18€

Die Chinesische Heillampe, Harnisch Günter, German book

Immer mehr Menschen in unserer Gesellschaft leiden unter Mangel an Lebensenergie. Die Zahl der chron..

19.80€ Ex Tax: 18.50€

Mineral plate for Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device

Spare part for Zhoulin WS-111 lamp with about 5000 hours service time. ..

399.00€ Ex Tax: 335.29€