TeWa 5JB-Type TeWa Speed Pak acupuncture needles, smooth metal pipe handle, Japanese style, 1.000 pcs/box

TeWa 5JB-Type TeWa Speed Pak acupuncture needles, smooth metal pipe handle, Japanese style, 1.000 pcs/box Guide Tube

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5JB-Type TeWa Speed Pak acupuncture needles without tube, smooth metal pipe handle, Japanese style, 1.000 needles/box.

Economic bulk package, less storage space, easy to unpack.
This disposable needle is silicone coated and thus allows a painless insertion. Many different sizes are available. The blister with paper back contains 5 pcs acupuncture needles within a tube per chamber. A blister peel allows a fast removal of the acupuncture needle. All needles are EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized.

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Smooth Metal Pipe Acupuncture Needles from TeWa, which is often used in Japanese style acupuncture

Although TeWa needles for acupuncture are made in China, they are assembled under the supervision of one of Germany's leading acupuncture supplies producer. The quality of these needles is one of the best that you will come across in this price range. The needles are made of medical grade stainless steel. What's more, they are sterilized and stored in clean blister packs. One of the desirable attributes about this brand is that buyers can choose from a wide range of needle types. If you are looking to buy acupuncture needles with metal handles, one option that TeWa offers is the smooth metal pipe handle needle.

Features of TeWa's Smooth Metal Pipe Handle Acupuncture Needle

The smooth metal pipe handle needle from TeWa has a unique design. Generally, the needle features a pipe shape or Japanese style handle. But, unlike straight metal handle needles from other brands that crimp the stainless steel cap several times to secure the shaft on the handle, TeWa's needle comes with a dent free handle. Its polished shaft allows for easy sliding into the skin. Furthermore, this acupuncture needle has a coated shaft. The thin lining of bio-inert silicone on the needle's surface further enhances smooth penetration through dermal tissues.

When you buy a box of these needles, you can be sure that they are:

·         Sterilized and stored in clean blister packs;

·         Well sharpened and coated to facilitate a painless insertion; and

·         Made of surgical grade stainless steel

All the above features combinee not only maintain hygiene standards and prevent infection, but they also enhance patient comfort. The good thing about straight or smooth handles is that they are easier to use with guide tubes or for plunger insertion.


TeWa's smooth metal pipe handle needles are excellent for electro acupuncture treatment. This is because stainless steel is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, instead of manipulating needles manually, practitioners can use an electro acupuncture machine to stimulate the patient when using the smooth pipe metal handle needles.

Packaging Details

TeWa's straight pipe metal handle needles come in different sizes. They can measure anywhere between 13 to 40 mm in length and 0.16 to 0.3 mm thick. These needles are available in two pack sizes. First, there is a package of 100 needles per box. This pack comes either with or without guide tubes. The second box (better known as the Speed Pak) comes with 1000 needles packed 10 each per flate. Both packs reduce wastage on packaging and keep the price affordable for such high quality needles. What's more, the blister packs allow for easy removal when retrieving needles. Big acupuncture centers will find the Speed Pak more economical than the smaller size standard package.

At AcupuntureBox, you can find TeWa needles made with different types of metal handles. As you compare different metal handle needles from this online acupuncture shop, take note of the following caracteristics of the smooth metal handle needle.

The metal pipe handle can easily conduct heat from burning moxa rolls or electrical impulses emitted by electro acupuncture devices. A plastic handle does not conduct electrical impulses as well as the copper wound handle. However, a metal handle can be heavier compared to a plastic handle acupuncture needle. 

Acupuncture Needles
Blister Typefive - 1.000 pcs/box
Handlesmooth metal pipe
Guide Tube5 in 1

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