TeWa hand acupuncture needles, non-looped steel coil handle, 0.18x8 mm, 1.000 pcs/box

TeWa hand acupuncture needles, non-looped steel coil handle, 0.18x8 mm, 1.000 pcs/box Without Guide Tube

These TeWa Sooji Chim acupuncuture needles have a steel wire spring handle without loop. The size 0.18 x 8 mm is often used in Korean Su Jok or Sooji Chim hand acupunucture therapy. Silicone coated for a painless injection. The single use needles fit into the applicator for hand acupuncture needles.

10 pcs needles are inserted into a foam holder and supplied in one blister.

1.000 pcs/box


The Sooji Chim Tewa Hand Acupuncture Needle

Tewa is known for being one of the world's leading manufactures that provides variety when it comes to medical supplies for acupuncture. For those that specialize in hand acupuncture treatments, Tewa offers the Sooji Chim needle. As the name implies, this needle is often used in Korean hand and foot acupuncture or Su Jok treatments (Su -'meaning hand', and Jok 'for foot').

Measuring 0.18X8mm, this needle perfectly fits into the special Korean needle injectors that practitioners use during hand acupuncture treatments. The practical features that come with this needle also make it ideal for Koryo Hand Therapy specialists who want to enhance patient comfort. For practitioners who intend to purchase the Sooji Chim needle from Tewa, here is what to expect from this design.

Product Details

General features for this needled include the following:

·        Needle made of surgical stainless steel

·        Features a non-looped steel coil handle

·        Coated with FDA approved silicone

·        Needles sealed in plastic bags

·        10 piece needles per bag inserted into foam holder

Advantages of the Sooji Chim Needle

The Sooji Chim acupuncture needle has a few advantages owing to the features that come with this design. For starters, the spring style handle offers better grip compared to other needles that feature smooth or Japanese style handles. Apart from providing excellent grip for hand manipulation, the metallic handle acts as an excellent conductor. Practitioners can use this needle with different kinds of heat stimulating devices like e.g.TDP lamps and moxa sticks.

The Tewa Sooji Chim needle helps to deliver a near painless insertion. This is because the silicone coated tip and shaft glide easily into the skin without much resistance.

In addition, these sterilized single use needles come in completely sealed plastic bags. The entire box has 1.500 sterilized needles.  

Acupuncture Needles
Blister Type10 in 1
Handlenon-looped steel coil
Guide Tubewithout tube
StyleKorean hand acupuncture

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