Moxa Starter Kit with 25 discount

Moxa Starter Kit

The moxa trial kit comprises the following articles: 

1x Smoke-free Moxa Rolls, Hoist/Huasun, 12 x 1.5cm, 5 pcs - A000293

1x Smoke-free Moxa Rolls with hollow center, NanYang, 11 x 1.4cm, 5pcs - A000250

1x Small size smoke-free moxa stick, 12 x 0,7 cm, 30 pcs - A000285 

1x Smoke-free moxa stick with paper grip, 12 x 1.4 cm, 5 pcs - A000301

1x Pure moxa rolls, Wushe, mild, 20x1.5 cm, 10 pcs - A000287

1x Pure moxa stick Hwato, mild, 20x1.8 cm, 10 pcs - A012055

1x Pure moxa roll, Huaian by Hunan, mild, 21x1.6cm, 10 pcs - A000303

1x Pure moxa stick Huaian, mild, 12x1 cm, 20 pcs - A000297

1x NianYing Moxa Rolls, Wushe, 20x1.5 cm, 10 pcs - A000281

1x TaiYi Moxa Rolls, Hwato, hot, 20x1,5cm, 10 pcs - A012053

1x Pre-cut needle moxa rolls on skewer, NanYang, 200 pcs - A000224

1x Smoke-free needle moxa cones, China, 100 pcs - A000222

1x Chinese moxa punk, high quality, 100g - A000232

1x Tae Keuk stick-on moxa, Korea, 225 pcs - A000178

1x Stick-on smokeless moxa caps with needle hole, hot (red),180 pcs - A000246

1x Moxa extinguisher, steel, 1 pc - A000316

1x Half Split Moxa Spoon for moxa cap, 1 pc - A000327

TOTAL VALUE: 117,24 EUR incl. tax

-25% discount = 87,93 EUR incl. tax

The moxa starter kit also including 2 moxa accessories and is ideally suited for students at acupuncture schooles who want to get to know different kinds of moxa products.

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