Press Needles

Press Needles

This acuuncture needle is applied with the press-patch technique, which is very easy to use when inserting the needle into the skin. All you have to do is insert the needle into the chosen acupuncture point, and then press the application patch to keep the needle in place. Another unique feature about this needle is that it is quite versatile. It can be used both for ear and body acupuncture. 

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Seirin New Pyonex press needle, 100 pcs/box

Seirin New Pyonex press needle, 100 pcsSupplied with colored, breathable plasters in order to fi..

25.90€ Ex Tax: 21.76€

asiamed PTN Press Tack needle, 100 pcs/box

The unique disposable semi-permanent needle from asiamed:- continually effective - hygenically ..

11.99€ Ex Tax: 10.08€

Cloud & Dragon press tack needle 0,22x1.5 mm with two-sided adhesive, 100 pcs/box

Non-coated needles. Made by Cloud & Dragon in China.The semi-permanent needle is covered on ..

4.99€ Ex Tax: 4.19€

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