Cloud & Dragon Gold acupuncture needles, 100 pcs/box

Cloud & Dragon Gold acupuncture needles, 100 pcs/box Gold & Silver Needles

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Cloud & Dragon gold acupuncture needles without guide tube. The handle and the needle is completely gold-plated.

1 needle/blister, 100 pcs/box.



Gold Plated Acupuncture Needle from Cloud & Dragon

When looking for acupuncture needles made of gold, one of the trusted brands to consider is Cloud & Dragon. Contrary to what most acupuncture practitioners would expect, the gold plated needle from this company is quite affordable. This is because only the surface for this needle contains a layer of the precious metal. The entire needled consists of a high tensile body made of surgical grade stainless steel.

Like all Cloud & Dragon needles, the gold plated model is processed through the highest level of craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality control standards. The result of this is a high quality single use disposable needle that reduces the risk of infection amongst patients. For those wishing to use this needle, here is what to expect from this acupuncture product.

Product Details

·        100 needles per package

·        Stainless steel needles plated with a fine layer of gold

·        Spring wound handle with loop

·        Sterilized needles for single use

These needles come in different sizes. The shortest and longest needles measure 13 and 25 mm respectively. Needle thickness ranges between 0.25 and 0.3 mm. The packaging consists of one needle per blister.

Advantages of the Gold Plated Cloud & Dragon Needle

Optimized needle profile for painless insertion: Cloud & Dragon's gold plated needles have sharp tips and smooth shafts. These features combined facilitate easy and painless insertion.

Coiled handle for added grip: The lightweight non-tarnish gold plated handle for this needle offers additional grip thanks to its coiled design. Practitioners get to handle this needle much better than models that feature smooth metal handles.

Easy to use looped metallic handle: The metallic handle with loop that comes with every needle from this model makes it easy to stimulate acupuncture points using electro stimulation or moxibustion. This is because gold is an excellent conductor of heat and electrical pulses. The looped end on the other hand allows for easy attachment of electro acupuncture devices.



Acupuncture Needles
Blister Typesingle - 100 pcs/box
Handlegold plated copper coiled loop-end
Guide Tubewithout tube

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